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President Mnangagwa Declines to Open Small Projects Officially

President Emmerson Dambudzo Mnangagwa scolded his ministers during the first cabinet meeting of the year for inviting him to open small projects like vending stalls.

He said that in his last term, he only wants to attend ‘high priority events.’

In the past, Mnangagwa would be invited to open small things like vending stalls, road sections, or small bridges, which many people think could be done by a minister or a local councillor.

A few years ago, the Mabvazuva Clinic in Epworth stayed closed for five months after President Mnangagwa officially opened it. This was even though he promised to provide everything needed within two weeks.

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When he spoke to community health workers at the clinic, Mnangagwa asked the sister in charge to write to the Minister of Health to ask for all the equipment the clinic needed. He promised to deliver the equipment within two weeks.

Meanwhile, area MP Makari Zarelah asked the government, through the President, for well-planned houses, schools, electricity, and running water for the people she represents. She said that this is the job of an MP: to represent the people and ask for what they need.

At another time, Mnangagwa was made fun of for opening an empty hall.

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