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Private Lounge more than just a strip club

Private Lounge more than just a strip club

By Robert Mukondiwa

It is probably the bane of every argument-especially by the womenfolk.

“All women are the same…what does she offer you that I do not have?”
The polite answer is ‘you have it all my love!’ The truth of the matter however, is that variety is an amazing and heavenly thing. Including ‘sampling’ various talents by womenfolk at every turn and seeing their various gifts especially exotic dancers.

With that in mind, Biggie Chinoperekweyi opened his Harare Private Lounge-and I ‘sampled’ it. Then he went on to open his Bulawayo Private Lounge.

Why then, if there was a Harare one, did I make the journey to go and also ‘sample’ the Bulawayo club and all its visual moving art? Because strip clubs, and their dancers, are like a box of crayons, you have to use them all to appreciate them.

And the journey was worth the while!

Descending into the basement that houses the ever so popular club you feel like there should be a sign marking the point of no return-enter at your own risk. Or perhaps, ‘you are now entering the theatre of sweet succulent dreams’, depending on your nerves.

“We like to give our ‘clients’ the ultimate experience,” says the club’s warm and smokingly hot-blooded resident Manager, Thelma Zuva.

Her surname-Zuva or sun, says it all, she is a radiant character who shines in spite of the subdued lighting in the sweet scented underground lair of treachery, lust, love, imagination, fertility and ultimate satisfaction.

Strange too that Private Lounge Bulawayo is that satisfying in spite of the fact that all that is available is eye candy. That and a strict adherence to pleasing the patrons whilst protecting the exotic dancers that sometimes are strewn all over the place like sugar-coated confetti.

“We are entertainers and should be able to make the patrons happy while also giving the dancers the chance to showcase their wide array of talents,” says Thelma with an air of authority and bursts of confidence.

And that is the magic of Private Lounge Bulawayo. It is a place rich with culture. Strip club and culture in the same sentence?-some might ask.


Bulawayo has a rich tradition of dancers and dancing and that is exuded in the sheer choreography that the dancers engage in. There is a power matrix in the venue as well. With the strong smell of power, where the women occupy the minds of the revellers, direct them, tantalise the taste-buds of their fertile minds, tease them and emerge unscathed.

All the while the lasses wriggle like serpents along to the beats smoked off the decks by the resident DJ Sweeto, a maestro in his field and a master of mixing the beats.

And all this under the watchful eye of the DJ Supremo and man at the helm of pleasure management in the dungeon of dreams, DJ Delroy, under whose tutelage all the deckspinners have grown. What magic the music is, like wizardry and magics spells, sounds and illusions-entertainment haven Private Lounge truly is.

The power of femininity is celebrated in Private Lounge to almost palpable extents.

What perhaps made the place stand out from Private Lounge Harare, is that in spite of a plethora of places to go in a weekend of fun, I found myself becoming a permanent fixture in the theatre of arts that is Bulawayo and staying put at Private Lounge for the entire duration.

It doesn’t hurt that the joint, situated beneath the now classy, airy and renovated Cecil Hotel at Fife Street, Between 3rd and 5th Avenues, has the hotel above it where one can cosy up, hopefully not alone in a state of panic, in one of the rooms.

That guarantees Bulawayo, and Private Lounge, as glamorous and sexy as a destination where gentlemen, and whosoever else, can go to and relax as they view the dance magic conjured by the lounge’s well-rehearsed dancers.

And after a fun-filled week, I am booking my ticket for yet another dalliance with Bulawayo as my romance with the most beautiful city in the country has only just been whetted.

It doesn’t hurt that the manager, Ms Zuva, also had her stay….”we can’t wait to have you back!”
Private Lounge is more than a striptease club; it is a lifestyle!

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