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Prominent Traditional Healer Sekuru Amos Kafera Denies False Social Media Post, Calls for Action Against Drug Trade

Prominent Traditional Healer Sekuru Amos Kafera Denies False Social Media Post, Calls for Action Against Drug Trade

Chitungwiza, Zimbabwe – In a startling turn of events, renowned traditional healer Sekuru Amos Kafera has disowned a social media post that falsely claimed he was relocating to Malawi and requested individuals who had received charms (kuromba) from him to return them.

Sekuru Kafera, known for his expertise in traditional healing and his advocacy against drug abuse, labeled the post as the work of detractors aiming to tarnish his reputation.

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The false social media post, which surfaced on an unidentified account, read: “Makadii vazukuru vangu mose kunze ndini wenyu Sekuru Amos Kafera ndinoda kukuzivisai mose kuti muna July ndikudzokera kumusha kwangu nekuda kwekuti muviri wangu hausi kuita mushe” (Greetings, all my grandchildren. I want to inform you that in July, I will be returning to my home country. Please return all the charms I gave you because my body is not functioning properly).

In  an interview with Sekuru Kafera, during which he vehemently distanced himself from the post.

“These criminals are spreading falsehoods. That is not our handle. They are tarnishing my name. I am currently in Gokwe, and I will return to clear up this mess. I am in good health, and there are no challenges,” Sekuru Kafera stated.

Sekuru Kafera is widely recognized for his contributions in assisting numerous individuals and advocating against drug abuse. He specifically highlighted the urgent need for authorities to take action against drug trafficking, particularly Crystal Meth, commonly known as mutoriro or dombo.

“This drug is the most destructive, causing significant harm already,” Sekuru Kafera expressed concern. “Our youth are resorting to theft in order to get high, engaging in violent behavior, and showing a lack of respect for their elders. I urge the government to address this issue promptly. It is common knowledge that this drug is imported from South Africa, so measures must be put in place to prevent its entry into the country.”

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The circulation of false information on social media platforms has become a growing concern, and Sekuru Kafera’s case serves as a reminder of the potential harm it can cause.

He called for swift action to identify and hold accountable those responsible for spreading such misinformation.

As the traditional healer continues his work and fights against drug abuse, his plea for government intervention resonates with many who have witnessed the detrimental effects of drug addiction on individuals and communities alike.

The nation eagerly awaits the implementation of measures to combat the drug trade and protect the well-being of Zimbabwean citizens.



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