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Prophet Evidence Chari’s Alleged Girlfriend Assaults Reporter, Demands Deletion of Prophet’s Footage

Prophet Evidence Chari’s Alleged Girlfriend Assaults Reporter, Demands Deletion of Prophet’s Footage

An aide of a renowned prophet Evidence Chari went berserk and physically attacked a reporter who was capturing footage of the prophet’s activities.

The incident occurred when the reporter refused to delete the recorded footage as demanded by the aide. The altercation took place amidst heightened tensions and raised concerns about the prophet’s practices.

Eyewitnesses at the scene described the incident. One witness, who wished to remain anonymous, stated, “The aide suddenly lost control and aggressively approached the reporter, demanding the deletion of the recorded footage. It was a scary scene, with the aide shouting and forcefully attempting to seize the camera.

The reporter, shaken but determined, refused to comply with the aide’s demands. “As a journalist, I have a responsibility to report the truth,” the reporter explained. “Deleting the footage would have compromised the objectivity and transparency of my work.”

The altercation drew the attention of onlookers, and some managed to capture parts of the incident on their mobile phones. The footage circulating on social media has sparked outrage among the public, with many expressing their support for the reporter’s bravery and condemning the aide’s aggressive behavior.

The incident has raised questions about the prophet’s organization and their commitment to transparency and accountability. Critics argue that the aide’s actions reflect an attempt to suppress information and control the narrative surrounding the prophet and his activities.

In response to the incident, prominent media organizations and press freedom advocates have condemned the assault on the reporter. The Zimbabwe Media Commission issued a statement, saying, “Journalists should be able to carry out their work without fear of intimidation or violence. This incident highlights the need for respect of press freedom and the protection of journalists in Zimbabwe.”

The prophet’s organization has not yet released an official statement regarding the incident or the actions of their aide. The reporter involved in the altercation has filed a police report, and authorities are investigating the matter.


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