Prophet Magaya at the Center of USD500k Bribery Controversy!

Prophet Magaya at the Center of USD500k Bribery Controversy!

Prophet Walter Magaya, the founder of Prophetic Deliverance Healing (PHD), is facing controversy after it was revealed that he allegedly attempted to pay a kickback to Ambassador Roni Levi Musan, the Consul General of Zimbabwe in Israel.

This revelation comes in the midst of a lawsuit filed by a group of Israeli investors who claim they were deceived by Magaya in a breach of agreement.

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Attorney Akiva Rosner, representing the Israeli investors, stated that they were introduced to the possibility of investing in Zimbabwe through Ambassador Musan’s efforts.

Rosner emphasized the ambassador’s dedication and responsibility in representing Zimbabwe and the President of Zimbabwe to Israeli investors.

He also highlighted the humanitarian and social opportunities in Zimbabwe that attracted the investors.

According to Rosner, Magaya became involved due to his longstanding acquaintance with the ambassador.

Magaya presented his church, hotel, and plans for a gold mine development project in which the community could participate.

Rosner claimed that Magaya used his connections with the ambassador to secure funds from the Israeli investors who trusted the ambassador.

Rosner further revealed that Magaya offered the ambassador half a million dollars from the funds he received from the Israelis as a kickback, but the ambassador rejected the offer.

The ambassador’s goal was for all the money to be invested in the Zimbabwean project, setting an example for larger investments.

The agreement signed with Magaya stipulated that he would hold 57% of the shares, while the Israeli investors would hold 43%.

Magaya provided a personal guarantee for the principal investment, and the funds were intended for the development of the gold mine under a government-sanctioned community ownership scheme.

However, it was discovered that Magaya had allegedly deceived the investors. He had no genuine intention to establish a real business relationship and instead used his church and relationship with the ambassador to acquire funds for his own interests.

The investors initially trusted Magaya because of his position as the head of a church and his proclamation of preaching the word of God.

However, they soon realized that he had exploited their trust and used God’s name for personal gain and fraud.

After transferring the funds to Magaya, he confirmed receipt but failed to fulfill any of the commitments outlined in the agreement.

He evaded their requests for an orderly legal framework and did not abide by the restrictions imposed on the use of the funds for mine development and gold production as promised.

Ambassador Musan expressed his disappointment and reaffirmed his commitment to bringing more investors to Zimbabwe.

He emphasized the importance of integrity and loyalty in working with international investors to realize the vision of President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

Efforts to obtain a comment from Magaya’s spokesperson, Admire Mango, were unsuccessful at the time of writing, as calls went unanswered and questions sent for a response were not acknowledged.

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