Rage Towards Fantan Chillspot

Open Post to Fantan and Chillspot Records
(Itai chisvike ikoko akomana nevasikana)

What Fantan said during an interview on Power FM sparked rage on social media.

“Back in the days when Sniper Storm, Winky D, and the likes were the only singers making rounds on mainstream, the genre was not called by the name Zimdancehall. Though they sang dancehall, they were doing so under Urban Grooves.

When Chillspot came into the game, we brought about the real dancehall culture from Jamaica where we compiled riddim albums. While doing so we to find an entry point into the game we came up with the name Zimdancehall,” commented Fantan.

This did not go well with many reggae and dancehall lovers who have followed the genre since the 80s when Bob laid foot on the motherland.
One of these not so pleased who’s well educated on the history of this genre Marshall Shonhai had this to say on an open letter on Facebook.

“Bamdiki tati tibatsirane.
We love maWorks and all you do for the younger guys in the industry but musakure musoro kusvika ipapo. Here’s a free lesson on what Zimdancehall is and where it came from!

Just watched a clip from Power FM where Fantan was trying to explain what strategy he used to get into an industry which already had big names like Winky and Sniper and he goes “Takangouya need Strategy yekuti this is Zimdancehall” ini whaaaaaaaat? What manner of strategy is this? Hanzi “takauya neStrategy yeDancehall, chaiyo yeku Jamaica” vapfanha vakarasika Ava!

Let me offer a quick free lesson for these big headed millennials.

When you start singing or get involved in music you’re not doing something new and you will not be the end of it. The reggae and dancehall movement in Zimbawe is very rich and very long, no wonder Bob Marley came and sang at Zimbabwe’s first independence celebrations. Shabba Ranks has been to Zimbawe and so has Buju Banton, why because there was a market and a following here for Jamaican music.

And so this thing started long back, these new guys Winky, Jah Love, Calaz, Enzo, Jah Signal etc, etc are standing on the shoulders of many men who worked hard to get recognition for this genre, some who have already passed on RIP JAH B!”

Maybe these vapfanha can look up these names!
Culture T, Allan Ranks, and Dudz
Yappie Banton, Potato, Ephraim Major E Mushore, Rassie Ai, Booker T, Smylie, Daddy Distress, Kuda Culture, Sanchez Daddy Ray, Ijah Son, Jnr Banton, Slaggy Yout, Bobo Makoa, Desert Eagle.

Then before Judgement Yard started with their Volumes and playing at Red Fox there was the “Sound” era and Etherton Beenie cut his teeth at the legendary and mighty Stereo 1 and mentored by the real godfather Jah B!

Who remembers Stereo One sound battling against Mbare’s Silverstone, Highfield’s Rough Neck, Glen Norah’s Alkebulani, Glen View’s New Generation, Chitungwiza’s African Exodus and Bronx International, and the likes of Sweet Ebony, Shocking Vibes and Small Axe.

Names like, Jacky Bango, Smiley, Oliver Newgeneration General, King Alfred, Issacha, General Bernard, Mad Minox, Farai Shambare, Major E, Booker T, Shaggy and Goddie Banton, Allan Ranks, Mikey Fabulous are not known in today’s Zim dancehall but are an integral part of the movement these guys at Chillspot want to claim.

Very few of these boys remember the massive clashes at Turtles Nite Club, Jobs Nite Spot, Zimbabwe Hall, YWCA, Rumours aka Agony Centre and Nyamutamba Hotel and much later at The Tube.

Who in their right mind would talk about “back in the day” and talk of Winky D and Sniper? Yappie Banton’s “Memories” and “Water inna me room” are what we would call back in the day. These boys need to have some respect and know that this thing has elders! They’re standing on their shoulders. Nonsense!

Look up Slaggy Yout, he came up with that term y’all are trying to claim, he coined it Zimdancehall in 2006!”
One needs not say more after this.

If this was a publicity stunt, then the Chillspot boy might have made a huge mistake considering most of the lyrics from his productions are meaningless and will not last.
Plot Mhako is yet to host a discussion concerning this matter.