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RBZ Instructed To Pay Salary Arrears To 168 Former Security Officers

RBZ Instructed To Pay Salary Arrears To 168 Former Security Officers

The Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe has been instructed to pay overdue salaries to a group of 168 former security officers who were laid off.

The salary arrears, accumulated over two years, were at the center of a 15-year-old labor dispute.

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Legal battle focused on the interpretation of the term “all” in an agreement between the bank and its staff, specifically whether it included ungraded contract workers such as the security officers.

“In the circumstances, the appeal must succeed. With respect to costs, there is no reason why the costs should not follow the cause,” said the judge allowing the appeal with costs.

“The parties shall agree on the quantification of the arrear salaries for each appellant within 30 days of this order. In the event that the parties fail to agree on the quantum, either party may approach the Labour Court for quantification.”

The Supreme Court ruled in favor of the security officers, stating that the definition of employees in the Labor Act is all-encompassing, acknowledging different employment relationships with varying terms and conditions.

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The decision puts an end to the long-standing dispute.

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