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Return of the Queen…Sandra Ndebele Serenades @ City Sports Bar


                            Sandra Ndebele on Stage






AWARD-WINNING musician and exceptional dancer, Sandra Ndebele, will return to one of her favourite hunting grounds in the capital this Friday.

The gig, which will see dancer Apama Styles taking to the stage before the queen herself, is set to be one of the major highlights in the capital this weekend.

Sandy, as Ndebele is affectionately known by her adoring fans, will be in the capital to promote her new singles. The rejuvenated songstress has a number of fresh singles including smash hits Tshibilika, featuring Leeknotic, and Ingoma, featuring Mzoe 7. She has promised fireworks at the City Sports Bar gig.

“As I said the baby making factory is closed and now Sandra is back to doing real showbiz. I’m re-launching my career in a big way, which is why I’m doing exceptional videos and lining up shows nationwide.

“I want to urge all Sandra Ndebele fans, old and new, to come in their numbers and witness the rebirth of the queen of the stage. I can still dance and sing and jump with my dancers for hours on end,” said Ndebele.

City Sports Bar manager Mathias Bangure said the Malaika hit-singer had returned to the limelight at the right time.

“We are always trying to help female artists get shows and improve their craft but it is really hard for them to break through. Tried and tested female performers like Sandra Ndebele are needed at times like these to help shine the spotlight on female artists.

“This gig is no doubt going to be oversubscribed. There is a very high demand for Sandra Ndebele to perform in the capital and with all her new singles and her fresh trendy style she is employing these days – her fans definitely want a piece of her right now,” said Bangure, adding, “I personally can’t wait for Friday.”