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Richard Tsvangirai Accuses President Mnangagwa Of Lying

Norton legislator Richard Tsvangirai accused Deputy Finance Minister Kudakwashe Mnangagwa of dishonesty after Mnangagwa urged patience from parliamentarians awaiting the Monetary Policy Statement (MPS) to address inflation and exchange rate challenges.

During a parliamentary session, Richard Tsvangirai queried the government’s strategy to tackle soaring inflation.

Mnangagwa attributed the inflation surge to exchange rate instability but assured that the upcoming MPS would introduce comprehensive currency reforms to mitigate the situation. However, Mnangagwa evaded specifying the MPS release date.

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Typically unveiled in the first two months of the year, Zimbabwe, now in the final month of the first quarter, awaits the MPS announcement.

In response to Tsvangirai’s question, Mnangagwa emphasized the correlation between inflation and exchange rate fluctuations, hinting at forthcoming currency reforms in the upcoming MPS, without committing to a specific timeline.

The exchange concluded with Hon. Tafanana Zhou raising concerns about government entities like the Central Vehicle Registry (CVR) charging services exclusively in foreign currency, specifically USD, for vehicle registration.

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