Roots Academy: A New Frontier for Aspiring Filmmakers in Mutoko

In a bid to nurture local talent and provide opportunities for aspiring actors, filmmaker Tendai Maduwa has launched Roots Academy, a groundbreaking initiative set to transform the landscape of the film industry in Mutoko.

Roots Academy offers a comprehensive curriculum spanning from form one to form six, providing students with a holistic education in the art of filmmaking. Additionally, the academy offers a specialized Film School Programme, a one-year certificate course designed to impart practical knowledge of the film business, from conceptualization to distribution.

Maduwa, a theater actor with a deep-rooted passion for his community, emphasized the importance of providing opportunities for talented individuals who have long been overlooked due to a lack of resources and infrastructure.

“Roots Academy is not just about teaching acting; it’s about instilling a sense of ownership and empowerment,” Maduwa explained. “We aim to revive dreams and provide a platform for aspiring actors to thrive, regardless of their background.”

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The establishment of Roots Academy has not only created educational opportunities but has also generated employment within the community. With six full-time staff members and ten subcontracted workers hailing from Mutoko, the academy is not only nurturing talent but also contributing to local economic growth.

Maduwa’s vision for Roots Academy extends beyond the borders of Mutoko, with plans to invite established filmmakers from both regional and international spheres to serve as guest lecturers. By providing exposure to diverse perspectives and experiences, the academy seeks to prepare its students for success in a globalized film industry.

Central to the ethos of Roots Academy is its commitment to inclusivity and accessibility. Maduwa revealed that fifteen students are awarded full scholarships each year, ensuring that talent is not hindered by financial constraints.

“We want to invest our all in our students, ensuring that each one emerges as a successful film practitioner with their own unique success story,” Maduwa stated.

With a focus on utilizing local talent and expertise, Roots Academy aims to equip its students with the skills and knowledge necessary to thrive in the film industry, both locally and internationally. Through dedication, innovation, and a commitment to community upliftment, Roots Academy is poised to make a lasting impact on the cultural landscape of Mutoko and beyond.

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