Sarah Dee Launches All Female Artist Awards

Sarah Dee Launches All Female Artist Awards

Multi-talented artist Sarah Dee on Saturday 25 November 2023 at the Cresta Oasis Hotel at her birthday dinner, launched the All Female Artist Awards which are scheduled March 2024.

Noticing the gap and exclusion of female artists in the male dominated industry, Sarah Dee decided to introduce the female awards as a way of encouraging female artists to stand for themselves when it comes to appearing on the spotlight.

Sarah Dee

“I noticed that in the arts industry mainly it is the men who are more successful than the women, therefore as a way of pushing my own to work hard in their different crafts be it sculpturing, poetry or music, these awards and what will be required for them to qualify, will definitely make one be more creative and competent,” said Sarah.

Speaking at the launch guest of honor Chido Musasiwa, a CEO, actress, author, and the founder of the Let Them Trust in her speech commented, the All Female Artist Awards, promises to be as vibrant and inspiring as a Harare sunrise. And let me tell you, organizing something like this in Zimbabwe is no small feat – it’s like trying to keep your scones safe from your tea-loving aunt at a family gathering!

Chido Musasiwa

“Our journey as African women has been filled with trials, triumphs, and a fair share of ‘only in Africa’ moments. We’ve gone from being the backbone of our families to leading revolutions, businesses, and even nations. Think of Queen Nzinga of Angola, who gave colonial powers a run for their money, or our own Mbuya Nehanda, whose spirit of resistance still whispers through the Msasa trees.

“As we launch these awards, we’re not just celebrating achievements; we’re honoring the spirit of the African woman. It’s a spirit that’s resilient like the baobab tree, and as nurturing as the waters of the Zambezi.

“We’re setting the stage for a grand celebration of women who’ve turned life’s lemons into the most delicious maheu you’ve ever tasted. We’re here to inspire and uplift each other, reminding every young girl that she too can rise, like the legendary phoenix, from the ashes of her challenges.”

Sarah Dee who turned a year older and decided to launch the awards on the same day received a fair share of testimonies from other female musicians such as Margaret Manhondo who spoke of how her career had changed through her.

Apart from being a musician, dancer, MC and business executive, Sarah is the founder of Miss Twins Zimbabwe and a curvy model who has walked on the ramp showcasing local designs which include her own.

In attendance where female artists, her proud dad and kids.

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