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Scholarship Alert: $5,000 Opportunity for C.E.L.A. Belize’s Tropical Studies in 2023

$5,000 Gilman-McCain Scholarship for students interested in C.E.L.A. Belize’s educational programs in 2023. C.E.L.A. Belize, founded in 2010, aims to provide international students with unique study opportunities in the tropical environment of Belize.

C.E.L.A. offers several programs, including Tropical Marine Ecology, Large Animal Veterinary Practice in the Tropics, and Wildlife Health and Conservation. The article emphasizes that potential applicants for the Tropical Marine Ecology program should apply before the Winter of 2022, with a mention of the program’s 100% refund policy.

The Gilman-McCain Scholarship is discussed as an opportunity for eligible students. It emphasizes that only United States citizens who are legal dependents of active or activated military personnel can apply. The scholarship also has restrictions on travel advisories, permitting study in locations with advisories at levels 1 and 2, which Belize falls under.

The core values of C.E.L.A. are highlighted, focusing on environmental sustainability and promoting an understanding of Belize’s biodiversity. The article underlines the benefits of studying abroad, including exposure to new cultures and languages.

Eligibility requirements for the scholarship are detailed, emphasizing the need for applicants to be U.S. citizens, undergraduates, and legal dependents of military personnel. Financial aid information and travel advisory considerations are also mentioned.

Applicants are required to enroll in one of C.E.L.A.’s programs, all of which involve aspects of veterinary or marine biology. The subjects covered in the Tropical Marine Ecology program are listed.

The application process is discussed, emphasizing that students should plan their applications to C.E.L.A. programs and the Gilman-McCain scholarship separately due to differing timelines.

The scholarship’s rewards and potential consequences for deferral or gap years are highlighted. The $5,000 reward is specified for tuition and educational fees, not for personal expenses.

Deadlines are emphasized, with students advised to enroll in C.E.L.A. programs before the Winter of 2023 and apply for the Gilman-McCain scholarship by March 1, 2023.

The article also mentions that Pick a Scholarship provides a comprehensive scholarship database and encourages students to contact universities or sponsors for additional information.

The open submission window for the Gilman-McCain scholarship and the program timelines are provided. It is recommended that students check the C.E.L.A. website for updates on submission windows and deadlines.

C.E.L.A. programs have been offered annually since 2010. Students are encouraged to verify their qualifications before applying and to be undergraduates, aligning with scholarship requirements.