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Security Guards at Bindura Hospital Sentenced for Assaulting Staff Member

 Two of the three security guards at Bindura Hospital who assaulted a sick staff member have been sentenced to two and a half years in jail.

Dennis Saurosi (47) and Michael Jackson (43) pleaded guilty to assault charges, while the third accused, Charles Maja (23), pleaded not guilty and awaits trial.

Bindura Magistrate Felix Chairomwe condemned the pair’s conduct, stating that they brought disrepute to both the hospital and the security company. He sentenced them to three years in prison, with six months suspended on condition of good behavior.

Highlighting the significance of maintaining peace, particularly in a hospital setting, Magistrate Chairomwe emphasized that violence was not the appropriate means to resolve disputes. He underscored the trauma caused to both the community and the hospital, especially given the presence of sick patients.

The court noted that the accused had planned the assault by obtaining baton sticks from the guard room, abusing their duty as peace officers. This, Magistrate Chairomwe stated, sent a clear message that such behavior would not be tolerated.

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In mitigation, Saurosi and Jackson claimed that the victim, Takunda Tenisi, was uncooperative on the day of the incident. They argued that their actions were motivated by their duty to prevent theft of medication from the hospital.

According to the prosecutor, Mrs. Getrude Maenyeso, the trio attacked Tenisi under suspicion of stealing pills after he refused to show his medical cards. However, it was later revealed that Tenisi had received medical attention at the hospital and had obtained prescribed medication from the pharmacy.

The assault, which occurred on March 6 around 4 pm, led to Tenisi sustaining injuries, including a swollen left hand and painful ribs. The incident sparked outrage among hospital staff, leading to a demonstration citing grievances such as the misuse of hospital vehicles and the lack of running water.

The demonstration was temporarily halted pending a meeting with the medical superintendent, with concerns raised by staff representatives. The entire incident was captured on camera, further emphasizing the severity of the assault and its repercussionsHome – ZiMetro News

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