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Seh Calaz Drops “ED PFEE” Song, Vehicle Appreciation

Seh Calaz Drops “ED PFEE” Song, Vehicle Appreciation

Zimbabwean dancehall artist Seh Calaz recently dropped a new track titled “ED PFEE,” dedicated to praising President Emmerson Mnangagwa and the ruling party ZANU PF. The song’s lyrics also extend admiration towards Vice President Constantino Guveya Chiwenga. In addition to lauding the political figures, the song reflects on Calaz’s longstanding support for the ruling party and mentions participating in rallies in Mbare.

The release of “ED PFEE” sparked discussions among social media users, with many speculating about the motivations behind the song. Some individuals argued that Calaz may have released the track as a gesture of gratitude for a car gifted to him by controversial businessman Wicknell Chivayo.

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The song’s lyrics and its timing have generated interest and commentary, highlighting the intersection of music, politics, and social media discourse in Zimbabwean society. The reception and interpretations of “ED PFEE” continue to evolve as listeners engage with its themes and underlying messages.

Here are the reactions of Netizens:

Walker Jayden Masango

????been a big fan but I’m unfollowing you boss yala”

Mac Vigilance 

???????????? NDOMATUZVI AYA …

Brenda Chalaz

“varikudawo mota yamadam namai pliz sir wicky vaoneiwo”

Carlington Mugari

“NdiriBanditi hangu but pazanu taboo tongosanganz kumangona wangu”

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