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Seh Calaz’s Fans Wage War On Kambucha

Seh Calaz’s Fans Wage War On Kambucha

Zimdancehall sensation Seh Calaz’s fans are expressing their discontent and threatening to boycott Kambucha Zimbabwe Limited after the company decided to replace him with Baba Harare as its brand ambassador.

Seh Calaz, whose real name is Tawanda Mumanyi, was announced as Kambucha’s brand ambassador in 2022. During his tenure, he significantly boosted the brand’s popularity, featuring on nationwide billboards and even dedicating a song to the company.

The collaboration was so successful that Kambucha went on to gift Seh Calaz a Toyota Hilux GD6 in May 2023, earning praise for his role as a brand ambassador.

Surprising fans, Kambucha Zimbabwe Limited unveiled Baba Harare as its new brand ambassador on January 23, 2024.

Despite initial speculations that both artists would collaborate to promote the brand, Seh Calaz’s team clarified on social media that their contract with Kambucha had ended on December 20, 2023, due to the company citing the challenging economic environment as the reason for not renewing the deal.

Seh Calaz’s fans are now expressing their displeasure, with some even threatening to boycott Kambucha Zimbabwe Limited. The comments on social media reflect the frustration:

“Kuda kurovanisa vaimbi musoro. Anyway hatichatenga.”

“Haa makachipusha chisinhi icho makaTrainner mkuru but for a fact ini handichatonwi kambucha. PaFair hakaite kasinhi kaya taingokanwira kuti ndimi mukukapusha.”

“Bad move kambucha. Honestly ndakatanga kukanwa because of Seh calaz now ndakuchiona kuti kasinhi kaye kanoshata.”

“Makaita basa chinhu takachinwa ichi thrū your name.”


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