Sensational Occasion for the First Ladies

The women who brought all the offspring on earth were on Sunday celebrated in different ways everywhere.
You Special Events hosted a classic garden luncheon for about fifty mothers of different generations at Goshen Gardens in Harare on behalf of their appreciative sons and daughters.
The ladies received a queen’s treated right from the moment they stepped their feet at the venue grounds where the hosts Audrey Ndaba and Courtney Oude with their dashing smiles greeted with a cocktail and a photo shoot.
In partnership with MultiChoice Zimbabwe everything was par excellence just as a mother would do it when hosting guests in her own home.
As remarked by Pimrose Muzanenhamo who brought her mum Mercyline, “I could not think of any better way of celebrating and appreciating my mother than this, thanks to Liz Dziva for making it possible.”
It is every female’s fantasy to be pampered once in a while, the ladies enjoyed a cuisine of choice main courses followed by a dessert and bottom less beverages.

The pink and white set up in the green garden matched the bright flower blossoms and multi colored rose petal blooms that were floating in glass water vases. Everything looked like Winky and Gemma’s version of Mugarden.
Upcoming musician Phillip Kauta aka Phil Harmo serenaded the mums with his songs, Ruva Rangu, Patricia, Minzwa and Tendawo.
On the DJ side there was Shingie who knew exactly what to add to his playlist to muse the ladies, he even took them down the memory lane of the 80’s and 90’s.
Unfortunately the You Special team did not add in a female touch to the entertainers, their MC was Swizzy Tanaka Sibanda who also despite a few glitches like the load shedding power cut he kept the joy ball rolling.
The memorable and probably cherished luncheon ended with draft draws which two ladies walked away with a cooking appliance and a photo shoot voucher from official photographers Frad Moments.
As they were departing they all received a farewell fancy cupcake and a message card which the proud team members Godfrey Goneso and Jacqueline Maswaya handed to the beaming mothers.