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Serial Fraudster Faces Court Charges for Meat Scam

“Convicted Fraudster Deajury Doro and Accomplice Fungai Nyenge Face Fresh Fraud Charges Involving Meat”

Deajury Doro and her associate, Fungai Nyenge, appeared in court yesterday, facing new fraud allegations concerning the procurement of meat. The incident unfolded when Tinashe Chikwasha, proprietor of a butchery in DZ Extension, was introduced to Doro by Edmore Sembere. Sembere facilitated the introduction under the guise that Doro was interested in purchasing one tonne of beef.

Chikwasha agreed to the deal and proceeded to slaughter two beasts, preparing the beef as agreed, and transported it to the showgrounds. Upon arrival, he encountered Doro accompanied by Nyenge and an individual identified as Geza Five, also known as Daniel Hove. Subsequently, police officers on patrol apprehended the group and conducted interviews at the police station.

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Presenting the necessary documentation, Chikwasha was cleared, and his meat was released. However, during this ordeal, Nyenge informed Chikwasha that Doro was notorious for fraudulent activities.

Exploiting the situation, Nyenge convinced Chikwasha of a lucrative market opportunity and persuaded him to supply 585.2 kilograms of beef, signing an invoice acknowledging receipt valued at US$2,136. Despite the transaction, Nyenge became evasive, prompting Chikwasha to file a police report.

The incident underscores the persistence of fraudulent activities and the need for heightened vigilance in business transactions, particularly in verifying the credibility of potential partners.

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