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Serious joke

Serious joke
By Showbiz Writer
A few months ago, Fungisayi Zvakavapano Mashavave could get away with mediocre work because she was still concentrating on gospel music.
The mainstream showbiz scene did not care.
Church folks are very understanding.
After all it is at church that people are taught to take others as they are.
But not in the circular world where it is a cutthroat industry where one dog survives by feeding on another.
Any artiste can get away with poor work but not Fungisayi when she sings dancehall.
Having watched the video of Vanondibatirana a collaboration between Fungisayi and Killer T, one would be left mourning for their wasted data bundle as the artistes successfully managed to deliver a bland piece of work.
Released earlier this week as a prelude to the track released a few months ago, the video is a huge yawn.

It is clear there probably was not script and either the director was on holiday or did not know what the task was.
Choreography is out of sync and besides the beauty thrust into any viewer’s eyes by the white costumes, the dancers themselves add no value to the video.
Fungisayi’s famous tan high heels also do not help while the motor bikes are wasted and only towards the end of the video do you see one talented boy doing his thing way too late to rescue the work.
By any measure, if Fungisayi wants to be taken seriously by the energetic and creative Zim dancehall fraternity, she just has to do better.
Surely Moses Matanda and Honde Valley TV can do better.