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Sikhala’s Release Sparks Political Fire: Chamisa Unleashes New Party Name

Nelson Chamisa Leaks New Political 'Party' Name While Celebrating Job Sikhala's Release

Former Citizens’ Coalition for Change (CCC) leader Nelson Chamisa unintentionally unveiled the name of his new political project, signaling a departure from traditional politics, while celebrating the release of veteran politician Job Sikhala.

Chamisa’s unexpected move has sparked intrigue and speculation among his supporters and political observers.

Chamisa, who abruptly resigned from the CCC last Thursday, had left his followers eagerly anticipating his next steps. Contrary to earlier speculations, he stated in recent interviews that he had no plans to establish a new political party.

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Instead, Chamisa expressed his desire for a fresh approach to politics, one that prioritizes the concerns and needs of the people. He emphasized the importance of finding unique solutions to address Zimbabwe’s current state of affairs, away from internal power struggles.

“We now want new, novel and groundbreaking politics going forward. That’s where we are going now. We want a people-centered movement which is the leader of society, not a political party in which people are obsessed with and are always fighting for positions, money, and careerism. We want to bring together people and unite the nation through mass mobilization, which is what the CCC should have been in the first place, around a cause that speaks to the national question of the day and the people’s demands,” Chamisa explained.

While keeping his supporters in suspense regarding the name of his new political project, Chamisa inadvertently revealed it while celebrating Job Sikhala’s release on X (formerly Twitter) on Wednesday.

In his tweet, Chamisa referenced “Citizens Matter” and highlighted their ongoing efforts to secure the release of nine members of the Mthwakazi Republic Party (MRP), who were imprisoned for protesting the detention of their party’s president, Mqondisi Moyo.

“A MILESTONE in the struggle for freedom that @JobSikhala1 and Godfrey Sithole are finally free after a prolonged pre-trial incarceration on account of politics. All glory be to God!! Their much-awaited release is a reversal of one of the extremest of errors in the politics of Zimbabwe. Their incarceration stands out as an act of gross injustice, a vivid example of Zimbabwe’s broken, vindictive, and toxic politics.

As #CitizensMatter, we continue to push for the freedom of #MRP9 and a cessation to all persecutions and hostilities on account of politics in ZIMBABWE. #FreeAllPoliticalPrisoners #CitizensUnitedGovern.”

Chamisa’s inadvertent reveal of the name “Citizens Matter” has left many intrigued, as it aligns with his vision for a citizen-centric movement that focuses on the interests of the people. It remains to be seen how Chamisa’s new political project will shape the political landscape in Zimbabwe and whether it will gain traction and support from the populace.

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