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Spreading Musical Expertise and Cultural Connections in Zimbabwe: Birkhead

The acclaimed American jazz group, Birkhead, has made their way to Zimbabwe, leaving audiences in awe with their captivating performance at the Jacaranda Music Festival.

But their visit isn’t just about showcasing their talent; they are also passionate about empowering young and upcoming artists in the country. Birkhead will be conducting workshops in Harare and Bulawayo, focusing on guiding aspiring musicians on building successful careers in the music industry.

During an interview at one of the workshops on Monday, the head of the group, Brent Birkhead, expressed his enthusiasm about being in Zimbabwe and sharing their American music.

He emphasized that their workshops have been carefully designed to provide valuable insights into the musical business and the effective use of social media.

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“We have a comprehensive program lined up for the workshops. We want to teach artists about the business side of music and how to leverage social media,” Birkhead said.

He stressed the importance of creating value within the music industry so that artists can sustain themselves and support their families. He highlighted the misconception that simply calling someone to perform is enough, without considering the long-term financial stability of the artists.

Birkhead further expressed his team’s gratitude for the warm hospitality they have received in Zimbabwe.

“As you can see, everyone on the team is in high spirits, showing that this visit is nothing short of wonderful,” he remarked.

The visit of Birkhead and their workshops in Zimbabwe are part of the American Music Abroad program, which aims to promote America’s rich musical contributions and foster cross-cultural communication and connections with global audiences.

In collaboration with the U.S. Department of State, the program organizes a series of engaging activities, including concerts, live-streamed performances, collaborations with local traditional musicians, lecture demonstrations, workshops, and jam sessions.

Through their visit and interactions with Zimbabwean musicians, Birkhead and their group are not only sharing their expertise but also nurturing cultural exchanges and people-to-people connections.

Their dedication to empowering young artists and promoting the value of music as a sustainable career path is a testament to the transformative power of music and its ability to bridge cultures and create lasting impact.