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Suspended Police Officer and Niece Convicted of Trafficking Women to Oman

Suspended Police Officer and Niece Convicted of Trafficking Women to Oman

A police officer, Forward Mashonganyika, who was suspended from duty, and his niece, Tendai Muswe, were found guilty yesterday of trafficking three women to Oman, where they were forced into a life of sexual slavery.

The conviction followed a thorough trial presided over by Harare regional magistrate Estere Chivasa.

Tendai Muswe is currently serving a three-year prison sentence for a similar offense, making this conviction a significant blow to their criminal activities.

Magistrate Chivasa, in her ruling, stated that the prosecution had successfully proven their case beyond a reasonable doubt. She emphasized the credibility of the three women who testified as witnesses.

“In addition to the act of facilitating the trafficking from Zimbabwe to Oman, there must also be evidence of deceitfulness,” Magistrate Chivasa explained.

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“Several facts are not in dispute. According to the defense’s own admission, the three women stayed at Mashonganyika’s residence at some point, and it is undisputed that they traveled to Oman. They were under the impression that they were flying to Dubai to work in hotels and restaurants, as they were excited about their first flight. However, it is not disputed that they ultimately ended up in Oman instead of Dubai.”

Magistrate Chivasa further elaborated, “It is not in dispute that they were subjected to enslavement, physical assault, denial of food and wages, lack of rest, sexual assault, and eventual deportation back to Zimbabwe.

The only contention is whether Mashonganyika and Muswe played a role in facilitating their trafficking to Oman. They denied any involvement, but the State presented evidence from multiple witnesses who convincingly linked the defendants to the trafficking operation. T

his evidence was further substantiated by the testimony of the investigating officer, who presented documents showing the money they received from Mohamed Ali in Oman.”



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