TariMari launches Simuka (A mbira creation)

TariMari launches Simuka (A mbira creation)

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Emerging singer TariMari who used to back the late Chiwoniso Maraire will Friday launch her duet with her former boss’ step daughter Ammara Brown at Chez Zandi-Bistro Wine Bar, Alliance Francaise in the capital.

The track will be her first collaborative work after the launch of her debut album Kumusha in August.

Apart from backing the late Maraire, the singer also featured prominently at shows at Book Café and also performed at Miombo Magic Festival and Pariah State Avondale where she has a penchant for leaving the audience yearning for more.

According to a statement from TariMari’s camp the track “Simuka is an inspirational and mind opening song a creation by the two powerful female singer-song writers of our generation”.

“It has a message of perseverance to the Zimbabweans and the world at large. The song is a composition created by the voice of the Mbira instrument, which Ammara and TariMari both play. The lyrics, the emotion and melody of the song are very traditional and home grown but at the same time very modern, inclusive and very relevant to the modern of the music climate,” reads part of the statement.

“Both Ammara and TariMari are influenced by the great mbira star Chiwoniso Maraire’s music and teachings. She would always ask for a challenge when playing mbira. This was the motive of her teaching, making something different with the instrument. And these two constantly make that mark, they create of a new way of innovatively using the mbira,” said Mbiravolution Musicologist Extra-Blessings Kuchera.

TariMari said: “The type of music that I make is sounds that I relate to, be it traditional or modern, and from those sounds I derive my music. I write my music from my experiences even my lyrics, it’s what I have encountered in life, what I am feeling in that moment. I believe you can only get to another humans heart if you are true to yourself.

The musician’s marketing manager Eleni Athitaki searched deep in her bag of superlatives to describe the track.

“I believe this track is one of the next best things in Zimbabwe, the Simuka Single Launch will be a show you would not want to miss. The lineup will include Ba Shupi, Chengeto Brown, Alex Brown, her immaculate band and the goddess Ammara Brown who she collaborated with on the single Simuka, in Greek we say ‘As Gledisoume (Lets Party)’,” she said.

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