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Teaching Positions in Chemistry and French Available at St Ignatius College

Teaching Positions in Chemistry and French Available at St Ignatius College

St Ignatius College, a renowned Catholic and Jesuit private school located in Chishawasha, is seeking dedicated individuals to join their esteemed teaching staff. The college is committed to delivering a transformative 21st-century education that nurtures students to become competent, committed, compassionate, and conscious individuals, equipped with creative and critical thinking skills.

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About St Ignatius College

St Ignatius College is a Catholic and Jesuit Private School that places great emphasis on providing a high-quality education. The institution’s mission is to cultivate students who possess not only academic competence but also a deep sense of commitment, compassion, and consciousness. The college values diversity and strives to create a safe and nurturing environment that promotes profound faith formation. They are currently seeking dedicated teachers who align with their values to join their team.

Vacancy Announcement

St Ignatius College currently has two teaching positions available:

1. Chemistry Teacher
2. French Teacher


The successful candidates for these positions will be responsible for:

– Implementing and delivering a well-rounded, balanced, relevant, and differentiated curriculum to students in their respective subject areas.
– Assessing, monitoring, and supporting the overall progress and holistic development of students, including active participation in co-curricular activities.
– Engaging in appropriate administrative work while upholding the Catholic and Jesuit ethos, as well as the college’s Vision, Mission, Values, and policies.


To be considered for these teaching positions, candidates should meet the following requirements:

– Educational Qualifications:
– Possess at least a Bachelor’s degree in the relevant subject.
– Hold a diploma-level teaching qualification.
– Professional Development:
– Provide evidence of completion of Cambridge Professional Development programs in the relevant subject.
– Teaching Competence:
– Demonstrate proficiency in teaching the Cambridge syllabus up to the Advanced Level.
– Teaching Experience:
– Have a minimum of three years of teaching experience in the subject they are applying for, as well as any other relevant subjects.
– Commitment to Catholic Ethos:
– Show a willingness to work within the Catholic traditions and ethos of St Ignatius College.
– Co-curricular Activities:
– Proficiency in coaching and/or facilitating at least two co-curricular activities is required.
– ICT Literacy:
– Possess at least an intermediate level of ICT literacy and proficiency with e-learning platforms.
– Interpersonal Skills:
– Exhibit excellent communication, interpersonal, and organizational skills.
– Professionalism:
– Maintain impeccable integrity, professional conduct, and a genuine passion for teaching as a vocation.
– Flexibility:
– Be willing and available to work additional hours as required.
– Commute:
– Candidates should be prepared to commute to and from the college on working days, with assistance from the college.

Application Process:

Interested and qualified candidates are invited to apply for these teaching positions by submitting the following documents to no later than November 10, 2023:

– A signed application letter indicating the expected remuneration package.
– Curriculum Vitae (CV)
– Copies of relevant certificates

Join St Ignatius College in their mission to provide a transformative education and help shape the lives of students. This is an opportunity to contribute to a prestigious institution dedicated to academic excellence, compassion, and personal growth.