Temba Mliswa Urges Chamisa Members to Move On, Start Afresh

Social Media Letter Sparks Debate Over CCC's Future Leadership and Party's Direction

Prominent former Member of Parliament and current Headman, Temba Mliswa, has voiced his sentiments urging members of the Chamisa-led political party, Citizen Coalition for Change (CCC), to move on and start afresh.

Mliswa’s comments come in response to a circulating letter on social media, which claims that Promise Mkawananzi, the party’s spokesperson, has assumed the role of acting president until the party’s congress is held.

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Taking to his official X account, Mliswa questioned why some CCC members were adamant about continuing their involvement with what he referred to as a “tainted outfit.”

He argued that since it had become evident that Tshabangu had assumed control, the logical step would be to break away and start anew with Chamisa.

The letter circulating on social media has triggered a debate within the CCC, raising questions about the party’s future leadership and the direction it should take.

While the authenticity of the letter remains unconfirmed, it has nonetheless sparked discussions and differing opinions among party members and political observers.

Mliswa’s call for members to move on and start afresh reflects a growing sentiment among those who believe that a fresh start is necessary for the party’s rejuvenation.

They argue that the emergence of Tshabangu and the alleged power struggle within the party highlight the need for a new beginning, free from the influence of individuals associated with controversy or tainted reputations.

It is important to note that the CCC, led by Nelson Chamisa, has been a significant force in Zimbabwean politics since its inception. The party has garnered support and followers who believe in its vision for change and reform.

However, recent developments and internal challenges have led to calls for introspection and strategic reevaluation.

Chamisa, the charismatic leader of the CCC, has not yet publicly responded to Mliswa’s remarks or the circulating letter.

However, it is expected that the party’s leadership will address the concerns and allegations in due course, as the CCC seeks to maintain unity and coherence within its ranks.

As the debate surrounding the future leadership and direction of the CCC continues, it remains to be seen whether Mliswa’s call for members to break away and start afresh will gain traction.

The party’s upcoming congress will likely play a critical role in shaping the CCC’s future, as members gather to discuss and decide on key leadership positions and the party’s strategic goals.

The sentiments shared by Temba Mliswa reflect the current state of uncertainty and internal deliberation within the CCC.

As party members weigh their options and contemplate the best path forward, the political landscape in Zimbabwe waits with bated breath to witness the decisions and actions that will shape the future of the Chamisa-led coalition.

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