TEMP-BAG to give away goodies @ Fiesta Fiesta

Zion Divaris

TEMP-BAG will tomorrow give away several of their top-of-the-range products in exciting competitions and games set to be held at the 2019 Fiesta Fiesta at Hometown in Borrowdale.

The show, which is themed “Beat, Booze and Braai”, offers a diverse entertainment package for patrons.

DJ Chucknosis, the brains behind Fiesta Fiesta, said that on top of the music, which will be provided by several DJs and a live performance by Bryan K, there were games too.

It is in these games such as beer pong, darts and beer sampling that patrons will win TEMP-BAG products like the supercooler, lunch bag, hand cooler, just-add-ice temp bag among other goodies.

“Our loyal sponsors and partners are the best in terms of quality. Our meat is supplied by Colcom, which is the best meat joint in Zimbabwe, alcohol is supplied by Delta, Flying Fish and Castle Lite, and our music is from the best DJs in Harare when it comes to certain genres.

“We have Ray Dizz, Eve, Danny Vibes, Langton B and Fat Beats, who all play different genres of music and cater to particular audience tastes,” said DJ Chucknosis.

TEMP-BAG chief innovator and founder Tinashe Manyonga, a 2016 GiHub Innovator of the Year, said showbiz events were one way of spreading their gospel of eco-friendly products and growing their business. He said at every event they try to conscientise people about their responsibility to the environment and they were happy to partner Fiesta Fiesta in this endeavour.

“We are a multi-award winning start-up, which in its effort to assist in curbing waste management challenges bedevilling the world, has come up with ways to inventively turn waste into high value products. We specialise in the manufacturing and distribution of the amazing TEMP-BAG, a thermal retention bag, which has a triple function of cooker, warmer and cooler, coined the COWACO triple function,” said Manyonga.

The bag is made out of insulated thermal retention properties. He added: “From its making and design, it is able to retain whatever temperatures are placed into the bag allowing it to keep warm properties warm and cool properties cool. TEMP-BAG is an environmental friendly product – its use reduces deforestation, gas emissions, saves water and energy, and is well-made using recycled materials like kaylite, plastic, PET bottles and cardboard.”

The use of the TEMP-BAG is equally about promoting healthy eating habits. Nutritionists have said that using the bag for cooking will give consumers highly nutritious foods which would be ordinarily burnt out by using a stove or an open fuel power source.