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Ten Individuals Attacked and Robbed During Funeral Gathering

Ten Individuals Attacked and Robbed During Funeral Gathering

Ten individuals fell victim to a harrowing armed robbery during a funeral gathering, where they were assaulted and robbed of valuables totaling US$41,800, 300 Euros, and US$800. The incident unfolded on March 6, 2024, at a residence in Greendale, Harare.

According to authorities, five unidentified armed assailants carried out the robbery, targeting the mourners at the house. The victims were subjected to both physical violence and theft, with their possessions collectively amounting to a significant sum.

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The police have launched an investigation into the incident, aiming to identify and apprehend the perpetrators responsible for this brazen attack. The shocking robbery during a solemn occasion underscores the urgency of addressing the prevailing security concerns within the community.

“Police in Highlands are investigating a case of robbery which occurred at a house in Greendale, Harare on 06/03/24 in which five unidentified male suspects who were armed with a bolt cutter, catapults and wooden sticks, attacked 10 victims who were attending a funeral.”

“The suspects stole US$800.00 cash and 300 Euros from one of the victims before they ransacked the house and stole 30 assorted gold and silver rings valued at US$41 800.00,” reads the statement.

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