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The day that Smoko settled-A legacy under threat

The day that Smoko settled-A legacy under threat

…Honorable Thursdays

43 kilometers from the capital stands an iconic establishment that claims pride in producing some of the best academics known to these ruins we call Zimbabwe.

Goromonzi High School has produced many names that have gone to beautify the story of Zimbabwe in many industries and sectors- and the list includes yours truly.

February February 4 1999 seemed like any ordinary Thursday at school.

But while the world was abuzz with the death of Amadou Diallo at the hands of a New York City police officer; it was only me and my friend Lovemore Tapfuma who cared about the death of one of our local legends.

System Tazvida had breathed his last.

Born Fanuel Nyasha Tazvida on May 2 1968 in Zaka, he died after a long illness leaving a void that to date has proved too difficult to fill.

When Tineyi Chikupo teamed up with System at Muza’s Combination, little did they know that it was the beginning of a legacy that would serenade music lovers for many years, even after his death.

Muza’s Combination only lasted until the late 80’s before System made his name after laying vocals on the Cephas Karushanga written Mabhawuwa.

Tazvida was to move bands from Mabhawuwa Express to Sungura Boys before he finally assembled Chazezesa Challengers and that was to be the beginning of the Smoko legacy.

Many theories have suggested the origins of the moniker Boys DzeSmoko. Some say the band got its name because of the dust that rose when people danced at their shows which were mostly staged in makeshift venues in rural areas and mining towns but some suggest it was a result of the violence that always erupted at their shows.

Both assertions will make sense but whatever the case; the brand Boys DzeSmoko grew, and Tazvida slowly carved his name in the hall of music greats with his exceptional compositions and vocal ability.

His death came as a shock and it seems the star took his talents to the grave.

With his death, the famous “Smoko”/dust/violence (whichever the case) has since settled.

While Shannon L. Alder says “Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you”, it appears his family has carved his name in the misconception of protocol called confusion as greed has all but tainted the legacy of the star.

After his death Tazvida’s brothers tried to revive the dream but the project was to be a monumental failure.

Peter Tazvida only led the band for three years before he died in August of 2002; Issac Tazvida also tried to revive the legacy before abandoning the band for Mozambique in 2008.

Leeroy Lunga and King Tazvida have to date tried to revive the band but it seems System left too big boots to fill.

His legacy has remained unmatched and all the efforts to revive the band have not registered anything meaningful.

The man seems forgotten and his family has failed to host even a low key celebration for the artiste with System’s brother Issac and wife Barbara seemingly at logger heads over the memorial gig.

On several times the event has courted courted controversy. In 2014 the gig was an embarrassing affair after all invited guest did not turn up at the Book Café.

Alick Macheso, Jah Prayzah, Nicholas Zakaria and Suluman Chimbetu all did not turn up despite being advertised as the special guests.

This February have marked 18 years since the death of the icon but instead of remembering the legend the Tazvida family is fighting.

It has since emerged that Issac stopped a commemoration gig that was slated for Babylon Night Club in Mabvuku because the family had not “consulted” him.

Issac goes on to claim that King Tazvida, the current leader of Chazezesa Challengers has no right to tell Isaac what to do. He reportedly also claims that Tazvida’s widow, Barbara has no place in organising these gigs because she is just a daughter in law.

What rubbish!

Isaac is surely not qualified to speak about his brother’s legacy. For starters, he abandoned the outfit in 2008 before King stepped up only to mushroom years later claiming that he and only him can give the green light on the commemoration.

He should be reminded that he ceased being part of the band when he left for Mozambique and the man at the helm is King not him. Besides it is Systems legacy not his.

System cannot be held at ransom by greedy individuals. He sang for his fans and that is why his fans must be treated to these events.

Barbara seems to be the only person that has an appreciation of his husband’s legacy as she is on record saying there was nothing wrong with people commemorating System because he was a public figure. And just like any fallen hero anyone was free to remember the star.

System toiled with his band performing in rural, mining and farming areas connecting them to urban town’s trough his music and died way before he could enjoy the fruits of his labour.

It is sad that after such hard work one man once to put such a legacy in his back pocket simply because he is a brother to the star.

Issac was not there when System started his career at Spides Band before moving to Muza’s Connection, Mabhawuwa Express, Sungura Boys, Khiama Boys then Chazezesa Challengers.

The fact that he was part of Chazezesa Challengers does not make him the custodian of his legacy that System worked so hard for.

System’s legacy deserves to be celebrated by anyone because when he became a star, his legacy made its way to the hearts of fans and the legacy stays there not in some selfish thoughts of one person.

When Tazvida penned the song Babamukuru known to many as Pfuma Yababa, he least expected that his own brother would one day do as he laments in the song.

In the song Tazvida sings: “Pfuma yababa ndoyomorwira mese, pfuma yababa ndoyomonzwira ginger, ko isu vana vacho torarama nei…Pfuma yasara yasarira isu, pfuma yasara tasarira vana”. – Apparently the same goes for his legacy

Tazvida legacy belongs to him, the fans, his wife and children

Dear Isaac let the man Rest in Peace!

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  1. Book cafe for a Tazvida themed gig?
    Hahahahahaha….. Let’s be realistic
    Why don’t they take it to the people where System enjoyed mass support, and not Book Cafe which is not exactly known for supporting sungura events because of its cosmopolitan patronage?

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