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The Government Puts Warning Against Land Barons

The Deputy Minister of Information, Publicity, and Broadcasting Services, Dr. Omphile Marupi, has issued a strong warning to those involved in corruptly distributing State land, stating that the Government will hold them accountable. He emphasized that according to new policy guidelines, only the Minister of Lands, Agriculture, Fisheries, and Rural Development has the authority to grant tenure documents and permits to beneficiaries.

Speaking to villagers in Gwanda district, Dr. Omphile Marupi, who also serves as the Gwanda South legislator, highlighted concerns about dishonest civil servants who illegally allocate land in grazing areas in exchange for bribes.

During the meeting, which focused on managing the Doddie Burn Farm, villagers requested support from the Government to develop the land’s potential.

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They urged for official documentation to facilitate investments and suggested extending the lease of a safari operator, Mrs. Cecilia Bhebhe-Dubiwa, who currently occupies part of the farm.

The Doddie Burn Farm, spanning 57,000 hectares, includes a sanctuary and grazing land. The community aims to establish various ventures such as a business center, fodder production, citrus farming, and a vocational training center.

Acknowledging the impending expiry of the safari operator’s lease, community leaders expressed support for its renewal, emphasizing the importance of benefiting locally from the farm’s resources.

In line with the President’s vision of local empowerment, the community seeks to take ownership of their area’s development, expressing a desire for their efforts to directly benefit them rather than outsiders.

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