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Themba Gorimbo Challenges Minister Kirsty Coventry Over Flag Issue

Themba Gorimbo Zimbabwean MMA sensation, fresh from another thrilling victory in the UFC, has directed criticism at Kirsty Coventry, the Minister of Youth, Sport, Arts, and Recreation. Gorimbo expressed disappointment over the ministry’s refusal to allow him to feature the Zimbabwean flag on his fight gear.

In a candid statement, Gorimbo labeled Coventry as the country’s worst Sports Minister, accusing her of allowing her family to influence departmental affairs.

He asserted, “I stand by my country and love every single development happening… But sports is dying because we have the worst sports minister who lets her family run the department, and her meetings are run by her husband.”


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Despite his frustration, Gorimbo affirmed his allegiance to Zimbabwe, sharing a photo of himself holding the national flag.

He emphasized that this is currently the only way he can display the flag during international matches.

Additionally, Gorimbo disclosed the demands of the Zimbabwe Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) board and the Sports and Recreation Commission (SRC), stating that they require him to comply with certain conditions before granting permission to feature the Zimbabwean flag on his fight gear.

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