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Three-Year-Old Child Brutally Slain, Body Cast into River

A man has been arrested in connection with the tragic death of a three-year-old child in a wooded area, followed by the disposal of the body in a nearby river.

The incident took place in the Chemowa area of Zhombe on Monday night, according to Midlands provincial police spokesperson, Inspector Emmanuel Mahoko.

The suspect, identified as Steady Munda, allegedly committed the crime, with reports suggesting he may have been involved in a ritualistic murder.

Details emerged indicating that Steady, accompanied by Caston Mucheuki, boarded a commuter omnibus bound for Chemowa Primary School to repair some windows. However, their journey was interrupted when the vehicle became stuck in sand near a river.

Upon disembarking to assist the driver, Steady vanished, prompting Caston and other passengers to search for him.

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They encountered a group of distressed children who revealed that a strange man had fled with a toddler. Subsequently, Steady was discovered on the opposite side of the river after disposing of the child’s body in the water.

During questioning by the public, Steady implicated someone named Tambu, alleging that Tambu had sent him to carry out the murder.

Steady is currently in police custody at ZRP Gokwe. A circulating video shows him lying on the ground with his hands bound, suggesting he was severely beaten by the public.

Witnesses described the horrifying scene, stating that Steady appeared to have strangled the child before discarding the body.

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