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Ti Gonzi and Ras Caleb in collabo

Ti Gonzi and Ras Caleb in collabo

By Peter Tinashe Kaviya

Award winning Hip-hop artiste Tinashe ‘T Gonzi’ Gonzara and silky voiced dancehall star Caleb ‘Ras Caleb’ Tareka have achieved a first after the duo teamed up to collaborate on the track Ende Makawoma set for release this August.

Arguably music the most underrated artistes in their respective genres, the pair have teamed up on the track that will be on T- Gonzi debut album titled Hipi Hopu Yeku Ghetto Vol 1.

In an interview with Showbiz, T- Gonzi said that Ende Makawoma was a social commentary song thus the combination with Ras Caleb only completes the song because of his conscious lyrics.

“Ende Makawoma is a song that comments on our social life as a whole, it tries to tell people the extent of their evil deeds so that they realise their wrongs, change their ways and improve how they live, and with such a strong and conscious message, I thought only Ras Caleb was fit enough to add his touch to the song and his voice suits the vision and truly it came out very well,” said T- Gonzi.

The Mufakose bred rapper who at one point was involved in a heated war of words with fellow rapper Stunner, also said he did not see anything wrong with working with artistes from other genres despite the completion suggesting that it was good for the growth of the industry.

“When I make music I do not look at genres, there is nothing wrong with artistes from different genres working together, it is actually good for the industry. I don’t see Zim dancehall as completion it’s just music, I’m just a rapper and Caleb as a dancehall artiste but as we are all musicians, the song is just a collaboration with a conscious message. I think that’s all that matters,”   T-Gonzi said.

Ras Caleb who is working on a new album after releasing the Rascal Manuscript years back believes that the combination is healthy for the music industry.

Ras Caleb has an authentic reggae feel that makes him one of the most promising artistes
Ras Caleb has an authentic reggae feel that makes him one of the most promising artistes

“The combination is a positive move for music, music is a mission not a competition and such project unites music fans and artists alike, I respect T-Gonzi because he is a very talented artist who is very conscious, yes he is classified as hip hop but if you listen to the his music there is a lot of consciousness and it was easy to work with him’’, said Ras called in a statement.

T- Gonzi is also putting final touches on a 20 track album that will be released soon. The album carries hits like Zvenyu, Takatarisa Kwatakabva, Ma Ex Angu among many others. It also carries other collaborations on tracks Hurombo and Huyai Muone featuring diva Cindy Munyavi and rapper Schingy and PMula respectively.

The artiste made history at the last installment of the Zim Hip Hop Awards after walking away with Best Collaboration, Best Freestyle and People Choice Awards.









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