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Tia shoots from the hip

Tia shoots from the hip

By Nigel Pfunde

Forgotten urban grooves songstress Tia real name Portia Njazi of the Boy You Got To Know fame has torched a hornet’s nest by taking a swipe at women who co-habit.

She said they should desist from referring to themselves by their children’s names or call themselves ‘wives’.

Tia registered her vernomous sentiments on her official Facebook page yesterday.

She wrote: “Ladies if he hasn’t put a ring on it (finger) or paid lobola you are single, yes that box you will tick on that form which requires your relationship status. Stop calling yourself Mai Nhingi, Mrs this and that. That sh** corny. Please stop giving discounts to a man who don’t know what to do with you and don’t be crying when you hear he married another woman who knows what she wants in life…”

Tia was probably inspired by the rise of couples who are co-habiting without formalising their unions either customarily or at the marriage courts.

However Tia received a backlash in a cyber-war that she started.

“Marriage is not about the ring on your finger, you can have it but still no happiness. Everyone should have a heart that loves not a ring on the finger,” wrote one Simon Mwale.

Tau Tinofirei told Tia that a ring on the finger was rather a secondary issue in the “new world”.

In the same thread Tia remained stuck to her guns.”Don’t call a woman who is not your wife, your wife. Just live in reality of what the relationship is. You are dating,” she responded.

Showbiz’s efforts  to get hold of Tia from her South Africa base hit a snag.

Tia is one of the early divas in local music popular for her flamboyance and five star videos.

Her video to Boy You Got to Know was one of the most lavish videos at the time of its release and it would compete with Major Playaz and the late Prince Tendai.

She is a graduate from Monash University across the Limpopo and is on record for striving to take her music to the international scene which explains why she sings English to break the language barrier.