Tinoda Machakaire Praises Kirsty Coventry

Deputy Minister of Youth Sports Arts and Culture Tinoda Machakaire praised his boss Kirsty Coventry for the work she is doing for the youths in sports and arts.

Speaking at a sports tournament in Zvimba North over the weekend, Machakaire said his boss was doing well in uplifting sports and culture in the country.

“She has been doing well in the industry, doing well for the artistes, sports personalities as well as the youth we have to applaud her for that. She does not select people and that has been keeping our ministry going forward,” he said much to the applause of the gathering.

He said it was important for people to note that the Minister was doing her best to make sure the youths are capacitated.

“I cannot do anything if I do not have a supportive boss like her. She is very supportive. For me to be here it’s because she says go,” he added.

However Machakaire’s sentiments triggered a backlash from Zanu PF deputy Youth secretary Lewis Matutu who said Coventry was there but not “there” for the people.

“Minister Coventry was there but not there because she is not doing enough for the youth. I beg to differ with deputy Minister Machakaire there. She has not done enough to convince us as the Youth,” he said.

Matutu said the Minister is supposed to come to the youth initiate projects for them not to just focus on minority sports.

“She is there but not for the people. We want Ministers who pull up their socks because this is the new dispensation where everyone should work for the good of the country. We all have to support the President to achieve vision 2020,” he said.

Sources said the firebrand youth leader had issues with Coventry who has not been forthcoming when it comes to Youth capacitation issues.