traditional beats charms Swedish based music outfit

Tsitsi Ndabambi

Members of the Swedish based music outfit Zimbabwe-Traditional Unity have expressed their satisfaction with traditional music and they are eager to learn more about different genres in Zimbabwe.

The outfit has members from different countries with their leader Luckson Chikutu hailing from Zimbabwe, Martin Larsson from Sweden, Celso Paco-Mozambique, Mia Torngren-Sweden, Joseph Semafumu from Uganda, Goran Larsson Sweden, Ben Joe Senegal and the band manager Ariane Catomeris from Sweden.

Chikutu has been working with this band for time staging shows in Sweden and other surrounding countries.

“I have been working with these guys for time now and they like Zimbabwean music because it is original especially the traditional beats. Whenever we perform our songs they end coming with some unique traditional creations,” Chikutu said.

The Zimbabwe Traditional Unity is one of the outfits that performs at festivals in Sweden and they thrill fans with their traditional songs.

“Some of these guys have been to Zimbabwe before and they appreciates the type of music. Whenever they are on stage they know what exactly they want to do, that has kept us going for years we have been together,” he said.

His wish is to perform at one of the biggest events in Zimbabwe.

“I wish Zimbabwe can have a very big festival that we can perform with my band because they really like to showcase their talent,” he said.

Chikutu said they will be making more traditional music.

“We will be staging shows here in Sweden as well as making more music. My message to Zimbabwean artistes they should remain focused because our music is appreciated out there,” he said.

Chikutu is one of the Zimbabwean cultural ambassadors who have been pushing several cultural activities outside the country.

He recently published a book called “Flashback Identity” that was being sold on several social media platforms.