Tragic End: Chitungwiza Man Dies at Illicit Beer Contest

Chitungwiza Man Dies at Illicit Beer Competition After Drinking 3 Bottles; Eyewitnesses Suggest Foul Play

Chitungwiza | In a tragic turn of events, Ian Toshi, a well-known local figure in Chitungwiza’s Unit P, lost his life during an illicit beer competition that took a deadly turn.

The incident occurred when Toshi, who claimed he could consume up to five bottles of Tumbwa, a popular local alcoholic beverage, succumbed after consuming three bottles.

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Eyewitnesses have raised suspicions, suggesting foul play may have been involved.

The ill-fated competition, which had an enticing prize of US$5 for the winner, attracted a crowd of enthusiastic participants and spectators alike.

Eyewitnesses recounted the events leading up to Toshi’s untimely demise. According to their statements, Toshi confidently boasted about his ability to consume five bottles of Tumbwa, challenging another participant who doubted his claim.

The skeptic, whose identity remains undisclosed, allegedly insisted that Toshi prove his words by finishing only three bottles.

Despite reservations from some onlookers who sensed danger, Toshi accepted the challenge and proceeded to consume the three bottles of Tumbwa in quick succession.

However, shortly after finishing the third bottle, Toshi suddenly collapsed, lifeless. Eyewitnesses rushed to his aid, but their efforts were in vain as Toshi had already passed away.

Eyewitnesses, still in shock from the tragic incident, shared their perspectives on the competition.

One witness, who wished to remain anonymous, recounted, “Akaita nharo kuti anopedza achingopedza akafa akabata mari yake,” loosely translated as “He was determined to finish what he started, and he died while holding his prize money.”

This statement suggests that Toshi’s determination to prove himself may have played a role in his demise.

Local authorities have been alerted to the incident and are conducting an investigation into the circumstances surrounding Toshi’s death. They are particularly interested in uncovering any foul play that may have contributed to the tragedy.

Illicit drinking competitions, such as the one where Toshi met his unfortunate fate, have long been a cause for concern in Chitungwiza.

They operate clandestinely, evading regulatory oversight, and often pose significant health risks to participants. Authorities have vowed to crack down on these illegal events, aiming to protect the well-being and safety of residents.

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