Two Alleged Poachers killed in Confrontation with Rangers Near Kazungula Border Post

In  Kazungula Border Post, situated in Katombola, Matabeleland North province, a tense standoff erupted between suspected poachers and park rangers, resulting in the fatal demise of two individuals.

This incident unfolded on a recent Tuesday, with two suspects meeting their end in the exchange of gunfire, while three others were apprehended.

Confirmation of this dramatic encounter came from Tinashe Farawo, the spokesperson representing the Zimbabwe Parks and Wildlife Management Authority (Zimparks).

According to Farawo, the clash transpired during a routine patrol conducted by Zimparks rangers in the Katombola North Matabeleland province.

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“In Katombola North Matabeleland province, there was a regrettable incident where two suspected poachers were fatally shot following an armed confrontation with our patrolling rangers,” Farawo disclosed.

Detailed specifics surrounding the shootout, such as the catalyst behind the gunfire exchange and the identities of the suspects, have not been fully divulged, as investigations are currently underway.

The scourge of poaching persists as a significant challenge in Zimbabwe, particularly in areas proximate to wildlife reserves and border posts where illicit wildlife trade thrives.

Vigorous efforts from authorities are continuously employed to combat poaching and safeguard endangered species, often employing armed patrols and rigorous measures to suppress these unlawful activities.

The demise of the two alleged poachers serves as a poignant reminder of the hazards intertwined with illegal wildlife pursuits and the peril faced by both wildlife and law enforcement personnel in the unceasing struggle against poaching.

“We have succeeded in apprehending three suspects, while one managed to evade capture. Additionally, we have seized approximately 15 elephant tusks. Furthermore, a .375 caliber rifle along with five rounds of ammunition has been recovered,” Farawo stated.

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