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‘Unrepentant Squanda justifies comedian’s beating’

‘Unrepentant Squanda justifies comedian’s beating’

By Kudzayi Zvinavashe

Lady Squanda has poured water on the recent social media reports that she was on the run after she released her video assaulting comedian Skimbo with the aide of her goons.

The female Zim dancehall chanter has pleaded with the masses not to be quick to label her as guilty, “Musati manditi guilty or ndisati ndakupai apology mirayi ndimbokuonesei something .1.skimbo anogara achituka vanhu paadira in the name of comedy? Ko anewo here kana tsambawo inorakidzakuti police yakamupa mvumo yekungotukavanhu?”

(Loosely translated to, “Before you say I’m guilty or before I apologise let me walk you through this issue. Skimbo always insults people in the name of comedy. Does he have a police document that shows that he was issued approval to insult people at will?”)

In an interview with Showbiz Squanda said Skimbo had peddled a lot of malicious reports about her.

“He once said I had aborted like he had accompanied me to the hospital. As if that was enough at one point he said my voice was gone due to my drug abuse habit of taking cough syrup. Imagine what goes through my child’s mind when such rumors circulate,” she lamented.

Squanda says the information on her stealing underwear is vague as neither the name of the lodge nor the complainant is stated.

She has maintained that she was a victim in the whole debacle.

“He did me wrong and instead of apologising he is busy saying rubbish everyday even on radio stations. Is it not enough that I’m no longer going to UK? He keeps degrading me name everywhere. Besides, If I get arrested today what will he benefit from that?” she quipped.

When quizzed if she had any encounter with the police with regards the issue she said she was at her house.

“I don’t know whatever he told you but I am home. All the people who got arrested did not assault him, in fact all the people who got arrested are students,” she said.

Efforts to get a comment from the police have proved fruitless as Harare Police spokesperson Inspector Simon Chazovachiyi was not reachable.

Despite Squanda’s claims, her accomplices have already been taken to court and were remanded on $50 bail each pending trial next Tuesday.

“Three thugs appeared in court and paid $50 bail each as the court case has been pushed forward to next week Tuesday,” said Skimbo.

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