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VIDEO: Chitungwiza Woman Nabs Boyfriend’s Friend in Unwanted Mjolo

Broken Trust over Beers

A night of revelry took a turn for the worse in Chitungwiza’s Zengeza 3 shops area as Mapete found himself abandoned in a bar after a bout of heavy drinking.

Accompanied by his friend Chris and an unidentified girlfriend, Mapete’s night spiraled out of control, leaving him in a bewildering and compromising situation.

“We drank too much, and then I went with Chris, unaware that I had left Mapete behind at the bar. When I suddenly woke up, I found myself wet and violated,” recounted the distressed girlfriend, gripping Chris’s arm tightly, declaring, “I will not leave you.”


Informants alerted the girlfriend to Mapete’s continued slumber in the bar, still inebriated. Upon arrival, Mapete appeared confused and disoriented, unaware of the events unfolding around him.

“What’s going on?” Mapete inquired, struggling to comprehend his surroundings.

“Why are you sleeping like that? There is no excuse for such behavior,” the girlfriend admonished. “Chris, tell him what you did.”

“Let’s get out of here. You want me to spill the beans, huh?” Chris responded, attempting to divert the conversation.

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