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Vidima returns to Zimbabwe

Vidima returns to Zimbabwe

By Silence Charumbira

Showbiz Editor

Cape Town based crooner Max Vidima returns to the country this week for a performance at the new Time and Jazz Café Saturday, a fete expected to serve as his endorsement of the new home of jazz and of course the brand.

That he last performed in the country in 2012 at Jazz 105 where he was one of the main acts at that year’s edition of the Winter Jazz Festival is sure going to evoke memories in many a follower of a genre.

No one can forget that thumping guitar and the flawless set.

More so, that he comes at a time where jazz music is probably at it’s lowest in the country; of course aided by the failing economy is relief to many despite the fact that he will be in the country for a one day performance.


Vidima told Showbiz at the weekend he was looking forward to the show on August 27.

“I will play some of my new stuff (that) I am recording. Some of the old song I have not played live for a long time especially the gospel stuff,” Vidima said.

He said although he was not well aware the situation on the ground, his advice to fellow musicians was to keep working on their craft.

“I don’t know much of what is happening at home but I know it is tough because of piracy and the economy. My advice is they should keep working on their craft things will get better,” Vidima said.

Organiser of the event Josh Hozheri said it has been a while since the jazz community has been treated to some serious jazz.

“Vidima last came into the country in 2012 at the Winter Jazz Festival. He is coming here on my invitation to endorse the new brand Time and Jazz Café. It also has been a long time since the jazz community has been treated to some serious jazz and there cannot be any better way of celebrating the sweetness of jazz,” Hozheri said.

Vidima will perform alongside the Filbert Marowa Trio, Raven Duchess, Buhle and Jabavu Drive.