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WATCH: Dreadlocked Tortoise Leaves Locals in Disbelief

Hairdressers of Harare’s Central Business District (CBD) were left dumbfounded after witnessing a tortoise adorned with dreadlocks emerging from a local saloon.

The bizarre sight has sparked a wave of astonishment and speculation among onlookers.

Eyewitnesses, speaking to Showbiz, expressed their shock and disbelief at the sight, with many unable to comprehend the unusual occurrence.

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One eyewitness commented, “This is shocking, and we refuse to accept it. Some people are now resorting to witchcraft; how else can you explain this?”

The sight of a tortoise adorned with dreadlocks has prompted wild theories and concerns among the local populace.

Tendai, a local hairdresser, could not contain her laughter at the sight, remarking, “It’s unbelievable! People will stop at nothing. This is beyond strange; it’s downright bizarre.”

The unanswered question lingering in the minds of many is the identity of the tortoise’s owner. Speculation is rife as to who could be behind this peculiar display, with some suggesting supernatural involvement and others attributing it to unconventional pet ownership.

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