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Watch: Hwange Man Develops Enlarged Breasts After Giant Snake Sucked His Nipples

Watch: Hwange Man Develops Enlarged Breasts After Giant Snake Sucked His Nipples

A peculiar and mystifying event has unfolded in Cross Dete, Hwange District, where a man reportedly developed unusually large breasts after claiming to be milked every night by a mysterious creature believed to be a snake.

The man, who remains unidentified, attributes the growth of his breasts to bewitchment and sought assistance from Archbishop Emmanuel Mutumwa, the leader and founder of the Johane Masowe eChishanu Apostolic Church in Bulawayo.

The bizarre circumstances became widely known after the man participated in one of Madzibaba Mutumwa’s cleansing ceremonies. During the encounter, the man described the unusual chain of events that led to the growth of his breasts, prompting him to wear oversized clothing to conceal them.

According to the man, his breasts started enlarging after he felt an unusual sensation on his chest. He claimed that a giant, strange creature—possibly a snake—sucks milk from his breasts every night. Additionally, he described a phantom touch and pressure against his skin during these nocturnal encounters, resembling someone penetrating him from behind.

In an interview with B-Metro, Archbishop Mutumwa confirmed the account, stating that the man had fallen victim to witchcraft. He explained that the man felt a presence engaging in intimate relations with him, indicating that a family member had cast a spell on him.

“It’s true that he came for help, and from the way he was narrating how they are being sucked for milk at night by a snake, it was clear that he was bewitched. The fact that he also felt another man sleeping with him from the back makes it clear that someone from his family cast a spell on him,” said Archbishop Mutumwa.

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The Archbishop assured that through prayers, the man would be healed, and his sagging breasts would disappear. He mentioned that he had assisted numerous individuals with similar issues.

A traditionalist, speaking anonymously, offered a cultural perspective, suggesting that the development of breasts in males could be seen as an act of revenge for socially unacceptable actions like adultery or theft.

However, from a scientific standpoint, the condition may be identified as gynecomastia, occurring due to hormonal imbalances, with modern science explaining the phenomenon as a result of an imbalance in estrogen to testosterone ratio and/or low testosterone levels.


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