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WATCH| Lovebirds Bashed At Shrine

Members of the Johanne Masowe church beat a guy from Manyame  Park when they discovered him having s3x with his brother-in-wife law’s at their shrine.

Tanaka Musengeyi, 30, took his 19-year-old niece, Nyasha, the wife of Solomon Chawira, to a forested spot where they were apprehended by Sowe reJerusalem members.

The two received a severe beating for destroying their place of worship.

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A passer-by recorded a video of the bashing and posted it on social media.

Nyasha confirmed the incident, saying Tanaka had been proposing to her whenever he visited them.

“We were bashed by three men after they caught us,” said Nyasha.

Tanaka murume we wehanzvadzi yemurume wangu, mukuwasha.

“He has been proposing to me for some time, and he led me to the bush where we were caught. We were not aware that it was a place of worship.

“One passer-by recorded our beating and posted the video on social media, and that is how it reached my husband.

“We were yet to have sex when the three men came and assaulted us,” said Nyasha.

Solomon took Nyasha to the shrine where he sought explanation from the people who assaulted his wife and Tanaka.

“I learnt about Nyasha’s adventure with my brother-in-law from social media,” said Solomon.

“She denied bedding Tanaka and I took her to the shrine where I sought clarity from the people who assaulted them.

“I am yet to meet Tanaka about this. Mukuwasha wangu chaiye akaroora gotwe remumba medu anoita zvinonyangadza kudaro.

“We had a family meeting about this, and I am yet to decide since I failed to get correct information from people who caught the two,” said Solomon.

Tanaka confirmed the incident, saying he has plans to lodge a police report against people who assaulted them.

“I was severely assaulted by three men after they caught me with Nyasha at their place of worship,” said Tanaka.

Ndikavawona varume vakatirova ndinovaziva.

“I am busy right now to answer more questions about the incident, but I will call you back when I am free,” he said.

Source: Hmetro