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Watch: Stunner Leads Heartfelt Tribute at George Chigova’s Funeral in South Africa

Watch: Stunner Leads Heartfelt Tribute at George Chigova’s Funeral in South Africa


In a solemn event held in South Africa, musician Stunner took center stage to lead the funeral proceedings of the late George Chigova, leaving a lasting impact on fans who were unable to attend the ceremony.

The unexpected passing of Chigova sent shockwaves through Zimbabwe, leaving fans grappling for details about the cause of his untimely demise. Reports suggested that the soccer star had a heart problem, adding to the sorrow felt by his followers.

As news of Chigova’s death circulated on social media, many eager fans sought solace in mourning their beloved sportsman. However, the geographical distance to South Africa, where the funeral took place, limited the number of attendees.

Despite the challenges, the online community found closure through shared videos of the funeral proceedings, expressing gratitude for Stunner’s role in honoring Chigova’s memory.

During the funeral, Stunner utilized his musical talent to uplift the spirits of family members and close friends who had gathered to mourn.

In line with Zimbabwean funeral traditions, Stunner’s performance kept attendees engaged, offering a reprieve from somber reflections.

The hip hop star sang the moving song ‘Tipeiwo nguva yekuchema gamba redu,’ a plea for time to mourn a hero, adding a poignant layer to the emotional tribute.

Watch the video below;

Zimbabweans on social media showered praise on Stunner for his heartfelt contribution to the funeral proceedings.

One user commented, “Stunner Zvaanotogona kuimba zvekumariro… Rest ln peace Chigova????????,” acknowledging the artist’s ability to convey mourning through his music.