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WATCH: The Effects Of Drug Abuse

WATCH: The Effects Of Drug Abuse

In a harrowing video, a young man is observed crawling on the ground, battling the hallucinations induced by drug use.

Reports suggest that the man stole a cellphone valued at $100 and sold it for a mere $6. Shockingly, it is alleged that just days ago, he harbored intentions of sexually assaulting his mother, attempting to remove her clothes.

During an interview, he was questioned about his theft, to which he responded that he has no understanding of how he commits such crimes. Instead, he claims that there is an external force commanding him to engage in criminal activities.

In another video, the young man is seen responding to unrelated questions, emphasizing the disorienting effects of drug use on his cognitive abilities.

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However, in response to the escalating drug abuse crisis, the government issued a stern warning to drug peddlers, pledging to bring them to justice. Alarming accounts of individuals committing sexual assaults under the influence of drugs have emerged.

On December 27, the Zimbabwe Republic Police released a statement addressing an investigation into a viral video showing minors consuming alcohol in Harare’s Central Business District.

The National Committee on Drug and Substance Abuse, led by Oppah Muchinguri, announced the implementation of enhanced measures to identify and penalize drug peddlers. The committee’s statement emphasized a commitment to not only name and shame offenders but also to strengthen the identification and punishment of those targeting minors.

A stern warning was issued to drug peddlers, signaling that the law is poised to pursue them relentlessly in 2024. Muchinguri urged parents, guardians, and community members to remain vigilant, emphasizing the need to increase child supervision measures against drug peddlers who pose a threat to children.

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