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Watch: Violet Avoid’s Heartbreaking Account

Zimbabwean filmmaker Violet Avoid bravely shared her compelling story two months before making headlines for reportedly ingesting poison in a suicide attempt.

In a video recounting her unexpected journey into despair, Violet revealed that she currently resides at a church, where she tends to the compound and engages in farming to sustain herself with food and shelter.

The harrowing tale took a dark turn when Violet disclosed that she had been raped while on a work trip in Sri Lanka. She candidly described how, tragically, she found herself intoxicated on the night of the assault, leaving her vulnerable to an unknown perpetrator.

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Overwhelmed by shame, Violet chose to keep the traumatic incident a secret, not even confiding in her husband. The discovery of her pregnancy further intensified her distress, as she grappled with the daunting prospect of revealing to her children that she was carrying a child conceived under such painful circumstances.

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The weight of these emotional burdens plunged Violet into a deep depression. Her husband, growing suspicious of her behavior, confronted her, leading to a violent altercation. In a shocking twist, Avoid’s workplace boss intervened, resulting in severe injuries to her husband during the tumultuous confrontation.

Violet Avoid’s journey is a stark reminder of the silent struggles many individuals endure, and her courageous decision to share her story sheds light on the need for empathy and support for those facing overwhelming challenges.

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