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“We Shouldn’t Take Job Sikhala Seriously, He Loves Being In Prison”

“We Shouldn’t Take Job Sikhala Seriously, He Loves Being In Prison”

Eddie Cross, a prominent economist and former opposition legislator, stated in an interview discussing the imprisonment of opposition leader Job Sikhala that Sikhala is akin to a street kid.

Cross pointed out instances where Sikhala allegedly violated bail conditions upon release, claiming that Sikhala seems to enjoy being in prison.

“Job is a street kid,” Cross remarked.

“We shouldn’t take him seriously. He loves being in prison.”

“He loves being photographed in chains”

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Cross shared that, according to the Secretary of Justice, Sikhala repeatedly breaches bail conditions.

“When I spoke to the secretary of justice, she said every time we release Job Sikhala, he breaks his bail conditions,” he claimed.

Cross urged not to take Sikhala seriously, emphasizing Sikhala’s purported fondness for incarceration.

He expressed concerns about the economic repercussions, noting the international isolation and significant financial costs associated with the Zimbabwe Democracy and Economic Recovery Act (ZDERA).

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