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Who is Tafadzwa Chidawa ‘Boss Kedha’? : A Life of Controversy and Vigilantism

Tafadzwa Chidawa: A Life of Controversy and Vigilantism

Tafadzwa Chidawa, popularly known as ‘Boss Kedha,’ has emerged as a prominent figure in Zimbabwe, gaining attention for his varied experiences as a former police officer, political candidate, and content creator focused on combating crime through social media.

This biography explores the different aspects of Tafadzwa Chidawa’s life, shedding light on his early years, law enforcement career, political pursuits, and notable controversies that have surrounded him.

Age & Date of Birth

While the exact date of Tafadzwa Chidawa’s birth remains unknown from publicly available records, court documents from 2019 indicate that he was 31 years old at the time, suggesting that he was born in either 1988 or 1987.

Early Life & Education

Unfortunately, information regarding Tafadzwa Chidawa’s early life and educational background is not available in the public domain.

Police Career

Tafadzwa Chidawa served as a police officer until his retirement in 2019. Throughout his tenure in law enforcement, he found himself entangled in various controversial incidents, some of which led to his arrest.

ZANU PF Political Career and 2023 Elections

In August 2023, Tafadzwa Chidawa contested as a parliamentary candidate for the ZANU PF party in Harare. However, he faced defeat in the elections, securing only 3,992 votes compared to his opponent, Shakespear Hamauswa, who garnered 19,609 votes for the Citizens Coalition for Change.

Anti-Crime Content Creation Activities

Following his retirement from the Zimbabwe Republic Police in 2019, Chidawa gained notoriety for his activities in tracking and apprehending criminals, particularly thieves, pickpockets, and confidence tricksters. He rose to prominence on Facebook by live-streaming incidents where he caught individuals engaged in criminal activities, exposing their methods and aiding law enforcement in curbing such incidents.

Chadonha Incident

One notable incident where Chidawa’s vigilantism came to the forefront was the chadonha incident in Harare. Through his Facebook live videos, he captured the moment when he thwarted two thieves attempting to deceive unsuspecting victims using the chadonha technique. Chidawa, along with a partner, managed to apprehend the culprits and handed them over to the police.


Throughout his career and activities, Tafadzwa Chidawa has found himself embroiled in several controversies that have tainted his public image.

In 2014, Chidawa, along with another member of the Zimbabwe Republic Police named Soul Chirume, appeared in court on charges of malicious damage to property. The incident involved the alleged smashing of a commuter omnibus’s windscreen. Both officers were remanded out of custody after paying bail.

Another significant controversy arose in May 2019 when Chidawa, along with four other police officers, faced accusations of robbing a money changer of US$11,000. The case involved complex events, including the confiscation of the money changer’s funds, an instruction to remove money from his bag, and the subsequent disappearance of a portion of the seized cash. Chidawa and his accomplices were arrested in connection with the incident.

Furthermore, in September 2023, Chidawa was accused of stealing a vehicle from the ZIMRA car yard at the Chirundu border post. A police alert was issued, urging authorities to be on the lookout for Chidawa and advising his arrest.

Tafadzwa ‘Boss Kedha’ Chidawa’s life has been marked by a series of diverse experiences, ranging from his political aspirations to his involvement in law enforcement and subsequent vigilantism. However, the controversies surrounding his alleged involvement in criminal activities have cast a shadow over his initial public image as a former police officer committed to combating crime.

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