Will Baba Harare conquer the city?

Will Baba Harare conquer the city?

Zimbabwean music has been seen many colors!

Bands like Sungura Boys, Khiama Boys, Wagon Wheels, Five Notes and Brave Sons have shaped the history of our music and legacies were born from these yesteryear bands.

Names like John Chibadura, Simon and Naison Chimbetu, Alick Macheso, Fanual System Tazvida, Cephas Karushanga, Oliver Mtukudzi, Thomas Mapfumo, Leonard Dembo, Tobias Areketa, Safirio Madzikatire all began their careers as part of these bands before they broke away and established themselves as doyens of the industry

Breakaways have always been part of the music industry though lately few have recorded success as compared to those witnessed in the “golden era” but one man is ready to dare history.

Former Third Generation lead guitarist and vocalist, Braveman “Baba Harare” Chizvino is set to announce his arrival on the music scene as solo artiste tonight and it appears local music is poised for a thrill.

Is Baba Harare talented enough to lead his own band or he will soon sail the same boat as the famous Macheso rebels?

Baba Harare seemed he had become the first voice at Jah Prayzah’s live shows with renditions of cover songs while warming up the stage for his former paymaster.

He would later also cover for Diamond Platinum on the song Watora Mari while unconfirmed reports suggest that he also assisted in composition. That said this is all we know about the dreadlocked musician.

Cover version are just that. Solo careers are not like karaoke nights though bands like Talking Guitars, Too Open and Jean Masters have built their careers on that.

I’m sure we do not want Baba Harare to become another cover specialist, for all the buzz, we yearn for original stuff!

It is however fair to suggest that the information is not enough to dismiss the artiste or even endorse him for that matter.

Alick Macheso never got to express his talent under Khiama Boys but after the release of Magariro, the music scene was never the same so we just hope Baba Harare is original and up to the task.

Modern music is deeply rooted in management. Musicians are now urged to be as professional in their conduct and enlist the services of a capable manager.

Good management separates artistes from the rest, Winky D from the rest of the dancehall society, then little known Bhundu Boys opened for Madonna in May of 1986 also signing a deal with Warner Brothers, Oliver ‘Tuku’ Mtukudzi became a world known star after Debbie Metcalfe joined the ranks. That is what good management does. Mokoomba has played on 75% of all revered stages in the world owing to superb management.

A childhood friend or first sponsor does not necessarily have to be the band manager; a manager is not a booking agent who just receives calls.

Trends have changed, one must be experienced and also understand basic business practices, and there should be mutual respect.

Like any other business operations, bands suffer at the very beginning. One needs a vigilant manager who can keep the ship sailing in difficult times.

The road is not an easy one and has lengthy dry spells that if not handled carefully, can force a premature end of the band’s career.

Baba Harare should know that he is no longer known as Jah Prayzah’s lead guitarist but rather as himself thus it is time to grow his own brand and push it. He needs all the motivation before je can inspire an audience to follow him.

Solo artistes are “blessed”. There are more radio stations and a lot of multimedia platforms to market their music and this will definitely help Baba Harare in his quest.

His departure follows another high profile departure from Third Generation after Pamela ‘Gonyeti ‘Zulu left the band to start a solo career.

He launches his album at Jazz 24/7 today before joining Sulumani Chimbetu at Tanza Centre.

The album features artistes like Progress Chipfumo and sungura ace, Alick Macheso.

They say the proof of the pudding is in the eating so we can only wait and see if the “city father” will conquer!