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Woman Affairs Ministry Employee Charged with Fraud in Land Deals

A Ministry of Women Affairs employee is in court for allegedly swindling money from land seekers across various regions including Makonde, Zvimba, Rafingora, and Banket through fraudulent land deals.

Perpertual Chimuti (57) stands accused of fraud alongside Pedzisai Chikari (46), an employee at West End Clinic Lab. Both have been remanded for a bail application.

According to allegations, Chimuti and Chikari, in collaboration with their accomplices in Banket, devised a scheme to defraud land seekers. They falsely portrayed themselves as a group of war veterans operating as a “task force” based in Banket, advertising their services on social media platforms.

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The accused individuals created multiple social media groups, each comprising 120 to 150 members, and demanded varying amounts of cash ranging from US$10 to US$1,500. They claimed these funds were for administration, fuel, and welfare for war veterans.

Furthermore, they purported that some of the money collected was for processing offer letters. They then toured Zvimba, Makonde, Rafingora, and Banket, showcasing several farms to their victims within Mashonaland West Province.

The State alleges that victims lost approximately US$66,000 through this fraudulent scheme.

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