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Magar* Ndoakukufurira: Woman Attempts To Slice Off Husband’s Mistress’ Buttocks

"I was severely injured... The incident left me traumatized," says the victim

Woman Attempts To Slice Off Husband’s Mistress’ Buttocks

A shocking incident unfolded in Domboshava village, Matopo, Matabeleland South province, when a married woman confronted her husband’s mistress and violently attacked her.

Sanelisiwe Ncube (33) found herself unable to sit properly after Siduduzile Ndlovu (37) stabbed her twice in the buttocks and once in the thighs.

According to witnesses, the confrontation took place at Tshapho business center on December 3 last year. Ndlovu publicly accused Ncube of having an affair with her husband, leading to a heated exchange of insults. The situation quickly escalated, and Ncube attempted to diffuse it by leaving the bar to use the restroom.

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However, Ndlovu pursued her and, without hesitation, pulled out a knife. She swiftly stabbed Ncube twice in the buttocks and once in the thigh. Ncube, bleeding profusely and in immense pain, fell to the ground, screaming for help. Ndlovu fled the scene, leaving Ncube in need of immediate medical attention.

Ncube was rushed to a hospital, while Ndlovu was later apprehended and brought before Kezi magistrate Busani Sibanda to face assault charges. Ndlovu pleaded guilty and received a sentence of 18 months imprisonment. The magistrate suspended eight months of the sentence on the condition that Ndlovu does not commit a similar offense within the next five years. The remaining 10 months were suspended on the condition that she completes 350 hours of community service at White Water Primary School.

During the sentencing, the court took note of the severity of the attack, which involved the use of a dangerous weapon and was premeditated. The victim suffered multiple stab wounds, causing significant physical and emotional trauma. In her statement, Ncube expressed the extent of her injuries and the impact they had on her daily life, including difficulties with sitting, sleeping, and performing household chores. She also incurred substantial medical expenses.

In mitigation, Ndlovu mentioned that she is a mother of four minor children, aged between two and 16, and earns a modest income of US$5 per week by fetching water for community members.


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